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We are a well-known company and we offer a range of products that suits all your needs. We have a range of insulating blinds that helps to conserve energy and they also block the light. You could get these insulating blinds in a wide range of colors and fabrics. The best part about blinds is that you do not have to put it in half mast to let the light in as is done with the shades. The full window length can be covered to get a finished look and they are handy for bedrooms as well as bathrooms. You can keep the blinds down to give you privacy but can also adjust the light at the same time. The downside however is that blinds need a lot of work to clean and maintain them because the slats attract a lot of dirt.

If style and versatility is in your mind then shades are the answer. It gives you the option to experiment with the looks and mood. They come in a wide range of fabrics and textures and you could also choose from the energy saving and the blackout roller shades. These shades are versatile and can refresh the room. They give the room a warm and soft look. The downside of using shades is that you will have to hand wash them. It should be vacuumed regularly and you could use a professional cleaning service for it as well. The binds and the shades that are available today are safe and care is taken that the cords are managed well so that they are not dangerous if kids are at home. It is however important that the cord are not left dangling and should be away from children'sreach. We manufacture the shades keeping in mind the safety of children. Our products also come with warranty on the material.